Naturaleza humana y SEITAI

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2018. Seitai Barcelona.

SEITAI, the cultural work of Haruchika Noguchi definitely clarifies and defends Human Nature in its own movement, inseparably physical, organic and psychic.
It is a World Heritage. Neither Japanese, nor Eastern, nor Spanish, nor European.
“Both their practices, as well as their observations, revolutionary but so simple and essential of our life and health, needed adequate language for their deserved exposure.”

140 pages.


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el movimiento vital

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2014. Icaria.


This book offers the reader an exciting journey into oneself, towards the knowledge of how the complex life is structured in a simple and repetitive way in five movements. Knowing how life that beats inside the human being works is a valuable tool not only to be able to regulate one’s own health in a simple way, but to understand ourselves and others.

189 pages


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la osei en la vida cotidiana

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2007. Seitai Barcelona.


The most appropriate for a first approach to the Seitai culture. In its introduction, some new concepts are summarized, which enable a novel observation of everyday life. In its four chapters, parenting and growth, the use of natural resources to reduce excessive stress and stagnation, which results in physical illness or psychological disorder, are addressed. Read more…

186 pages. 20 illustrations.


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seitai, una nueva comprensión de la naturaleza humana

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2007. Seitai Barcelona.


Main work. The foundation of the Seitai culture is exposed, contrasting the Seitai knowledge, elaborated from the observation of the spontaneous movement, with the data of Western science (anthropology, biology, anatomy, embryology, medicine, psychology) and the wisdom of the meridians of the Chinese medicine. Read more…

316 pages. 52 illustrations.


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la osei y la CVP ósea

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2007. Seitai Barcelona.


It is exposed how the data of the anatomy on the bone structure are showing by themselves, in a very clear objective way (and they have been doing it forever without being perceived by anyone), the certainty of the empirical observation of Haruchika Noguchi when revealing the scheme osei: “the five oseis generated the strict and specific structure of the human organism to establish the absolute interdependence of its five movements and all cellular activities”. Read more…

151 pages. 41 illustrations.


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la osei y la CVP muscular

Katsumi Mamine Miwa

2007. Seitai Barcelona.


The anatomy’s own data on muscle structure are clearly pointing out objectively (and have been doing so forever, without an adequate interpretation of them) the osei scheme, which H. Noguchi discovered through his thorough empirical observation seitai. Read more…

159 pages. 42 illustrations.


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The book Naturaleza humana y SEITAI, is an integral exhibition of the innovative ones

  • practices (katsugen undo, yuki, gyoki essential, osei exercise)
  • and observations (5 spontaneous movements, 5 oseís + and -, osei scheme) of the SEITAI culture.

It could be elaborated at the cost of forty years, compensating the absence in Human Culture of certain crucial words to attend our Life / Health and Coexistence.

Everything that is affirmed in it, is studied in the other books:

  • “Seitai, una nueva comprensión de la nauraleza humana”
  • “La osei y la CVP ósea”
  • “La osei y la CVP muscular”
  • “La osei en la vida cotidiana”
  • “El movimiento vital”

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We inform you that on 14 April, our dear master Katsumi Mamine Miwa has passed away.

We want to share with you the sad new of the loss of the master and the feeling of the valuable meaning that it has had and has for each and every one of us.



“SEITAI: Observ the life, understand it and recovering the vitality”

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Teaser SEITAI by Igor Cortadellas, with english subtitles

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As a final result of forty years of work, Katsumi Mamine publishes Naturaleza Humana y SEITAI. Observaciones y prácticas. The book consists of two parts. The first dedicated to observations and the second to practices.

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