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To register for the Academia SEITAI activities (form 2), you must register (form 1). Payment of this registration fee makes you a member of the SEITAI Barcelona Foundation.

Being a member of the Foundation will allow you to share direct information about the activities, a greater projection, a guarantee and legal and institutional support. In addition, you will collaborate financially in the operation and development of the activities carried out by the Foundation.


  1. How to become a member of the SEITAI Barcelona Foundation

    You can become a member of the Foundation through an annual fee of € 150. This amount, being considered a donation, has a tax discount of 75% on the income tax return.

    You can become a benefactor member, establishing a higher fee of your choice, with a tax discount of 75% on the first € 150 and 30% from this amount, on the income tax return.

      With the accreditation of the youth card, there is a 50% discount on the membership fee.

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    • Registration for the activities of the SEITAI Academy

      To be part of the SEITAI Academy and to be able to access the activities that are carried out, both in person and online, you must be a member or benefactor of the SEITAI Barcelona Foundation and it is necessary to have attended the introductory course, or be presented by two students who certify that the interested party has received adequate information about the SEITAI culture.

      If you are already a member or benefactor member of the Foundation, you can register for the activities, both in person and online, of the SEITAI Academy.

      Fees will be charged quarterly and you can choose one of the following options:

        A - One weekly internship session (90 € / trimester)B - All internship sessions, except the SEITAI Orientation course (150 € / trimester)C - SEITAI Orientation Course and all internship sessions (300 € / trimester)

        People who prove that they are unemployed or in possession of a youth card will have a 50% discount on any of the three options.

        Attach the document that proves it

        We remind you that you will have a tax discount of 30% of the amount, in the income tax return.

        I have read and accept the Privacy Policy.



      In fulfimen with Regulation (EU) 679/2016 (General Data Protection Regulation) and the Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, of Protection of Information of Personal Character, we inform that the personal and guarantee of digital rights information that are requested in this form will be included in a base of information computerized ownership of SEITAI BARCELONA FOUNDATION. The holder of the information has at all time the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition(examination), which he(she) will be able to exercise by means of mail to the address We inform that the information obtained by this form, has the only and sole purpose to provide the requested services to the clients.


      KATSUMI MAMINE MIWA (1944-2020)

      On 14 April, our dear master Katsumi Mamine Miwa has passed away.

      We want to share with you the sad new of the loss of the master and the feeling of the valuable meaning that it has had and has for each and every one of us.


      “SEITAI: Observ the life, understand it and recovering the vitality”

      Teaser SEITAI by Igor Cortadellas, with english subtitles



      As a final result of forty years of work, Katsumi Mamine publishes Naturaleza Humana y SEITAI. Observaciones y prácticas. The book consists of two parts. The first dedicated to observations and the second to practices.

      Read more…

      Go to the Foundation Youtube Channel. Going to Playlists, you will see some television programs about SEITAI.