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life-health in human nature


We have grown and are alive thanks to our body.
No one like our body knows how to set our vital balance.

In the human organism’s growth as a foetus and as a baby, driven by its unconscious cellular activities, appears the conscious or singularly cerebral or mental psychic life, something that does not occur in animals: for example, a baby has the desire and ability to learn words and will ask soon why things happen.

So, this cellular unconscious that forms each personal human organism and the conscious that arises in it, are our natural background: the spontaneous self or spontaneous psyche-mind.

The great Japanese master Haruchika Noguchi started SEITAI culture over the past century, conceiving the great need of modern men and women of assisting and cultivating the vigour of life of each individual organism and observing and respecting each strictly natural spontaneous self.

And in order to fulfil these needs, he proclaimed:

  • the simple practices of katsugen undo and yuki;
  • and the reference, also simple, to the 5 spontaneous movements or 5 oseis (+ and – vital re-activities) and its structure, the osei scheme.




Individual counselling
Instructors’ training
Introductory course and other occasional courses.




SEITAI activities are reserved for those students enrolled, except for the introductory course, occasional courses and consultation.

If you wish to enrol, you need to have attended the introductory course or to be introduced by two students certifying that the applicant has received proper information about the SEITAI culture.

Enrolment, annual, must be renewed every year in january: 110.


Central dojo usual activities

One asks to bring handkerchief and clean socks


katsugen and yuki Tuesday: 1st, 2nd i 3rd (not the 5th) 8 – 10 pm
osei Tuesday: 4th 8 – 10 pm
katsugen, yuki and osei Saturdays 11.15 am – 1.30 pm
€ 10 per assistance
intensive practice Sunday: 4th (January 2017, Sunday 29th) 4.30 – 8.30 pm
€ 15 per assistance


Orientation SEITAI course. Monitor and instructor training
    2016-2017, from October to June or July
  Wednesday 8.30 – 11.15 pm

Monthly fee: 100 € (allowing access to the previously mentioned regular activities)
This course 2016-2017 will begin on 28 September

Based on this course and from next year, will be possible to do the middle course and the upper
This training is only for those that have been in regular practice for two years minimum.


Introductory courses by the forthcoming Barcelona SEITAI Foundation

Schedule: every third weekend and fourth Saturday of every month except July and December:

  3rd Saturday 4 – 9 pm
  3rd Sunday 11 am – 2 pm and 4 – 8 pm
  4th Saturday 11.15 am – 1.30 pm and 4 – 8 pm

Registration fee: 150 € (50% discount with an unemployment certificate or a “Carnet Jove” -youth card-)

Those taking part in the course participants that enrol in the SEITAI after the course, will pay a €40 registration fee for year (instead of €110.)


PUOI GIÀ VEDERE E CONDIVIDERE IL DOCUMENTARIO “SEITAI: Observar la vida, comprenderla y recuperar la vitalidad”, cliccando sull’immagine (sarà presto tradotta in italiano)

Presentazione del documentario

La presentazione del documentario e del documentario “SEITAI: Observar la vida, comprenderla y recuperar la vitalidad” avvenuta presso il CCCB l’11 gennaio.

Puoi vedere la presentazione del documentario e del documentario facendo clic sull’immagine.


Essere un membro della Fondazione ti consentirà di condividere informazioni dirette sulle attività, una maggiore proiezione, una garanzia e un supporto legale e istituzionale. Inoltre, collaborerai economicamente allo sviluppo delle attività svolte dalla Fondazione.

Come diventare un membro della Fondazione?


Come risultato finale di quarant’anni di lavoro, Katsumi Mamine pubblica Naturaleza Humana y SEITAI. Observaciones y prácticas. Il libro è composto da due parti. Il primo dedicato alle osservazioni e il secondo alle pratiche.

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Vai al Canale Youtube, della Fondazione. Nelle Playlist, vedrai alcuni programmi TV relativi a SEITAI.