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We have grown and are alive thanks to our body.

No one like our body knows how to set our vital balance.

In the human organism’s growth as a foetus and as a baby, driven by its unconscious cellular activities, appears the conscious or singularly cerebral or mental psychic life, something that does not occur in animals: for example, a baby has the desire and ability to learn words and will ask soon why things happen.

So, this cellular unconscious that forms each personal human organism and the conscious that arises in it, are our natural background: the spontaneous self or spontaneous psyche-mind.

The great Japanese master Haruchika Noguchi started SEITAI culture over the past century, conceiving the great need of modern men and women of assisting and cultivating the vigour of life of each individual organism and observing and respecting each strictly natural spontaneous self.

And in order to fulfil these needs, he proclaimed:

  • the simple practices of katsugen undo and yuki;
  • and the reference, also simple, to the 5 spontaneous movements or 5 oseis (+ and – vital re-activities) and its structure, the osei scheme.



LA VIDA las 5 oseis, is the title of the last book published by Katsumi Mamine.

“El que la vida se exprese y funcione es más significativo que el que la salud se mantenga”

Katsumi Mamine Miwa